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Our 2017 Resolution

I spent the last week of 2016 on my in-laws ranch in Texas. I worked until 2 o’clock every day and then took the afternoons off to feed horses, scavenge for dinosaur fossils with my daughter, and watch the sunset over the rolling hills with my husband.

January 04, 2017

The 2 most over-used words on resumes kill credibility. Remove them now.

I am shocked when I open a resume and the objective doesn’t contain this damaging hyphenated duo. It is as common in resumes as the phrase “highly motivated.”

July 02, 2018

10 Ways to Be a High Performer (from Home)

To my new work-from-home friends, I’m sharing a few more tips to help you adapt to this lifestyle. I joked last week that working from home is like your freshman year of college (you’ll gain weight, love-hate your family, and the laundry will pile in incomprehensible mounds), but now I want to get a bit more serious and detailed about what this means for your career and your family.

March 26, 2020