There's a new Sheriff in Town

Howdy Y'all! For the 1st time since quarantine started, my mental health started to feel a little shaky, and for me, shaky can lead to a hollow depression pretty fast, so I do not mess around. I jump on all the things I know transform my mind. Water, sun, exercise, staying super busy, spiritualizing, baby-talking goats and horses. And I haven't had a drink since December 31, 2018. Like seriously I do ALL the things. So I took my business outside and got the Vitamin D I was craving. I was semi present for my kid. I told myself, I'll be a little bit good at all of the things and right now that's good enough. Did I intend to look like Woody from Toy Story in the process? Absolutely not. I threw on that scarf for a dentist appointment in the a.m. and later realized it turned me into a real cowgirl soooooo Reach for the Sky! It's my new brand. #TheresANewSheriffInTown PS - You know how we destigmatize mental health issues in the work place? We talk about it. LEADERS talk about it. #shareyourstory #bethechange #noshame #onlypride