Client Services


Recruiters hold the power to exalt or tarnish your firm’s reputation

Recruiters are an extension of your firm, and we take this responsibility seriously. Quality recruitment attracts quality candidates through tactful relationship-building over time. The opposite, quick-to-fill approach has repercussions, not only on immediate hires but also the firm’s ability to attract future talent.

It’s critical that the people who recruit for you care as much about the candidates as their commissions. Our competitive edge is that we love what we do and our candidates and clients feel it. We consider the long term implications of every hire, and we know that every step in the process is an opportunity to impress or put-off your potential employees.


Our measure of success

This is a business full of nuances and high-stakes decisions, so our measure of success isn’t on the number of people we place, but on the experiences of the people we support. We can’t always guarantee we’ll fill your position, but we can absolutely guarantee we will advocate on behalf of the firm, we’ll be transparent throughout the process, and we’ll only present quality options worth your time.


Time-saving Technology

We are dedicated to bringing cultural and technological innovation to a legal field known for being slow to evolve. Our screening process includes recorded video interviews that we submit with the candidate’s resume and backstory. These recordings showcase soft skills you cannot evaluate on a resume, address common questions upfront (“can you explain your job transitions?”), and enable hiring managers to circulate the candidate’s interview for discussion. The time savings here cannot be understated: Before committing to hours of in-person interviews with attorneys and the hiring team, you each spend 5 to 10 minutes evaluating the candidate on a laptop. Candidates also benefit from the recorded interview as it gives them individualized interview preparation and coaching as well as the opportunity to put to rest any potential concerns about their candidacies.

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