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10 Ways to Be a High Performer (from Home)

To my new work-from-home friends, I’m sharing a few more tips to help you adapt to this lifestyle. I joked last week that working from home is like your freshman year of college (you’ll gain weight, love-hate your family, and the laundry will pile in incomprehensible mounds), but now I want to get a bit more serious and detailed about what this means for your career and your family.

March 26, 2020

You have a personal brand. Is it by design? Or default?

I used to hate the idea of personal branding. I associated it with social media influencers who use overly styled images and cliché messages to attract a fan-base. I was too authentic for that(!) and didn’t want to share a one-dimensional version of myself for someone’s consumption.

May 03, 2020

There's a new Sheriff in Town

Howdy Y'all! For the 1st time since quarantine started, my mental health started to feel a little shaky, and for me, shaky can lead to a hollow depression pretty fast, so I do not mess around.

May 03, 2020