With whom do you work?

Whether you’re a legal secretary or a partner with a portable book of business, we share honest and pivoting career advice to enhance your overall candidacy. Our candidates include any professional you’d find in a law office, and our clients range from solo practitioners to global, AmLaw25 firms in every major market around the country.

We live, sleep and breathe legal hires. We know what HR directors and managing partners want to read on your resume and hear in interviews. See a representative list of positions and practice areas we support HERE .

Why do I need a recruiter?

Sometimes hiring people is straight-forward, like casting Kevin Costner for the Bodyguard. Most times, it’s complicated. You may present well in an interview and have quality experience, but that doesn’t matter if your resume is a showstopper.

Beginning with your resume, we walk you through the pros and cons of your candidacy. We become your sounding board and professional mentor through interviewing, negotiations, and even giving notice and onboarding. It’s our mission to take such good care of you that you truly feel like a more informed, engaged professional at the end of the process.

How do you help me?

  • We improve your marketability by identifying the weaknesses of your overall candidacy and coach you how to spin them into strengths. It’s not manipulative, it’s human nature. Most of our strengths ARE our weaknesses.
  • We only work with you if we can get behind who you are and what you want. We sell you to our clients – a critical benefit if you need someone to explain gaps in employment or lay-offs, for example.
  • We expose you to confidential opportunities.
  • We ensure your application materials (resume, cover letter, writing samples, interview skills) are perfected.
  • We hold you accountable to your search, career goals, and timeline.
  • We guide you through difficult salary negotiations.
  • See below slideshow for more benefits.

Who pays you?

  • Law firms hire us to find their most qualified and loyal employees, which means all services you gain through our collaboration are free!

Where are you located?

  • We are based in Denver, Colorado but have recruiters around the country who support positions in all major U.S. cities.

What if I’m not a good fit for your current roles?

We want nothing more than to find your next dream job, but timing is everything, and so are your credentials.
If we think it’s important to update your resume, we’ll encourage you to take our video coaching class.
Our coaching is efficient, affordable, and authentic. You’ll carry these tips and templates with you for the rest of your career.

We cover everything you could want to know about resumes, plus these common questions:

  • How do I address why I’m not working?
  • I took time off to care for an ill parent. How do I explain that gap?
  • Do I need an objective?
  • What if I’m changing industries?
  • Do I need a cover letter?
  • When do I ask about salary?

Other Awesome Benefits