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You have a personal brand. Is it by design? Or default?

I used to hate the idea of personal branding. I associated it with social media influencers who use overly styled images and cliché messages to attract a fan-base. I was too authentic for that(!) and didn’t want to share a one-dimensional version of myself for someone’s consumption.

May 03, 2020
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There's a new Sheriff in Town

Howdy Y'all! For the 1st time since quarantine started, my mental health started to feel a little shaky, and for me, shaky can lead to a hollow depression pretty fast, so I do not mess around.

May 03, 2020
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10 Ways to Be a High Performer (from Home)

To my new work-from-home friends, I’m sharing a few more tips to help you adapt to this lifestyle. I joked last week that working from home is like your freshman year of college (you’ll gain weight, love-hate your family, and the laundry will pile in incomprehensible mounds), but now I want to get a bit more serious and detailed about what this means for your career and your family.

March 26, 2020
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I know why you would dodge or fudge experiences of your past

I know why you would dodge or fudge experiences of your past. In 2004, I was slated to graduate with my B.A. in English. I had the hat and gown; my parents’ flights were booked for graduation day. Several weeks before the ceremony, I tripped into a gutter of depression after a nasty break-up and missed one of my finals. My professor said I could take it over the summer, still walk on stage, and officially earn the diploma when I finished his exam. I was relieved and appreciative for his forgiving offer.

March 05, 2020
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Not All Recruiters Are Created Equally

I own a legal recruitment company and we recruit the most qualified legal professionals for firms of all sizes and practice areas all around the country.

January 05, 2020
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The 2 most over-used words on resumes kill credibility. Remove them now.

I am shocked when I open a resume and the objective doesn’t contain this damaging hyphenated duo. It is as common in resumes as the phrase “highly motivated.”

July 02, 2018
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Gregory Binstock's "10 Things I hate About Your Resume"

This is my favorite article on resume writing of all time. Read it from start to finish, and do not cheat yourself of the critical exercise he recommends at the end. Bust mostly, enjoy! -Katie McMahan

April 01, 2018
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Does my resume need to be one page?

NO. This fake rule bugs me as much as “No White after Labor Day.” Quit playing mind games with us, fashion bloggers.

July 05, 2017
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Our 2017 Resolution

I spent the last week of 2016 on my in-laws ranch in Texas. I worked until 2 o’clock every day and then took the afternoons off to feed horses, scavenge for dinosaur fossils with my daughter, and watch the sunset over the rolling hills with my husband.

January 04, 2017