Legal Professionals

Modernizing the legal industry with innovative recruiting and career coaching.

Our passion and focus is the legal industry

From eDiscovery paralegals to attorneys with top class rankings, we recruit legal professionals and only legal professionals 24-7. LMS supports major markets and practice areas across the country, finding or molding the best candidates for exciting positions. The legal industry may be formal and traditional, but our approach is not. Why? Because we lead by example to show you how to stand out.

Career Transition Experts

Regardless of your title, career changes can be as stressful as they are exciting. Most people don’t interview regularly and only revisit their resumes every few years, so it’s no wonder candidates feel lost as they approach their job search. But we live and breathe the hiring process. Our fulfillment comes from teaching you best practices and inspiring you to live up to your potential. Nothing less!


You’ve been trained to scrub your resume clean of all voice and personal experiences. It’s a shame, because the result is a sea of resumes that all look the same. Few people stand out, and fewer are proud of that important document we call your story.

We believe in sharing your whole, authentic story by strengthening your writing and capturing transitional/circumstantial details that explain common concerns or questions about your background. When you don’t explain gaps on your resume, hiring managers will fill in the holes with their own theories about who you are. Don’t let someone else write your story. You’re the author; we’re the editors.

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Law Firms

Through all phases of recruitment, you represent your company’s culture and values. If you’re not intentional about the hiring process, the firm may look reactive and unfocused. From job descriptions to the way you present the firm’s compensation and benefits, job seekers are assessing your work product and performance as well.

This is exciting for us, because we’re an extension of your brand, and when our process improves yours and successfully attracts talented professionals to your team, we’ve really proved our value. Is your messaging consistent with the caliber of candidates you want to attract? To hire the best, you have to be the best.

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Innovative Recruiting Technology

Our screening process includes recorded video interviews that we submit with the candidate’s resume and backstory. These recordings showcase soft skills you cannot evaluate on a resume, address common questions upfront (“can you explain your job transitions?”), and enable hiring managers to circulate the candidate’s interview for discussion. The time savings here cannot be understated: Before committing to hours of in-person interviews with attorneys and the hiring team, you each spend 5 to 10 minutes evaluating the candidate on a laptop. Candidates also benefit from the recorded interview as it gives them individualized interview preparation and coaching as well as the opportunity to put to rest any potential concerns about their candidacies.

Job opportunities through LMS

To enter our job portal. As you apply, you will be asked to create a username and password which will allow you to check on the status of your application, easily apply to future positions, and update your location, preferences and more.

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Our measure of success isn’t finding you a job, but making you feel heard, and helping you grow as a professional. Hopefully the below feedback from some of our G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time!) candidates gives you reassurance that we love what we do and work with your best interests as our priority.